Google’s Shopify Integration: What does that mean for your business?

Exciting news was announced during Google’s conference for software developers, Google I/O. Google didn’t offer many details but stated that a new Shopify integration will enable businesses to appear across Google Search, Lens, Images and YouTube. This integration will make Shopify merchants’ products more discoverable to customers looking to purchase (CNBC). With this announcement also came additional features Google will implement like shopping carts in Chrome and merchant loyalty programs linked directly to Google accounts (BNN). This new and simple process will connect Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants with customers faster by being featured on Google.  

So, how will Google do this?  

Google will utilize what they call a “Shopping Graph”. The Shopping Graph is an AI-enhanced model that will gather information across various websites, videos, reviews, and product information and inventory directly from retailers. The Shopping Graph will make shopping sessions more helpful by connecting people with listings from merchants across the web in real time (Techcrunch & Social Media Today).  

Is Shopify right for you? 

When you run an online store, visibility is everything. It doesn’t matter that you spent an enormous amount of time and effort to create the perfect online store for your customers if they can’t connect with your store.  
If you run an e-commerce business, now is the time to move to Shopify and utilize this new integration. Shopify already has superior security when compared both to its direct competitors and WordPress containers/services. Now Shopify store owners will benefit from a deeper relationship between Google and Shopify by having significantly more visibility by being deeply integrated together. 

Are you ready to set-up your Shopify storefront?  

We can help! As Shopify partners and technical consultants with years of experience in various system integration projects, we can create the perfect fit for your vision.  

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